Super Duper Game – Tekken 3

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is where it all changed. For starters it served as the introduction of a normal jump; gone are the days of jumping as high as the first floor of a house. It also introduced the ability to move in and out of the screen, or sidestepping. Finally it was witness to the introduction of some of the best and worst Tekken has to offer in terms of characters.

Best? I give you Hwoarang. I’m almost loathe to say this as he’s my brother’s favourite character. He’s not bad with him I guess…

Anyway, his ability to switch stance and launch into different moves was a treat, and his motion captured patterns are great to watch.

To balance him out I give you Eddy ‘I’m a button mashing fucktard who can make anyone look good’ Gordo. I despise him. If you use him I have no respect for you. Ugh! I hate him. You may have picked up on that. Seriously, if you pick him, you fully deserved the knackered Mad Catz controller in a lurid colour with an iffy triangle button and no rumble that you were given. Because you were younger than me, and you sucked.

Regardless, this was a high point PS1 fighting games. Looks-wise it took a huge step up whilst game-play was miles beyond what the first two games could offer. This is really where Tekken starts for me.

The only other downside? It doesn’t have Kazuya Mishima and his crazy helicopter kick.

P.S. Fuck Eddy Gordo.

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