Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood Review

Threadbare and mean-spirited, Rambo: Last Blood confirms a suspicion of mine. Stallone completely fluked Rambo: First Blood. He must have! First Blood is a truly great film, shining a light on PTSD and feelings of […]


Rambo (2008) Review

The Rambo films vary wildly in their quality. Stallone has used each installment to bring attention to a different situation – POWs, Afghanistan, Burma – but the second and third films couldn’t match First Blood, […]

First Blood

Rambo: First Blood Review

There are few more evocative names in cinema than Rambo. The bandanna, the machine gun, the knife; Stallone’s character has become synonymous with staggering levels of violence and machismo. There’s nothing wrong with that, except […]