Super Duper Game – Jungle Strike

Jungle Strike

Every couple of years I’ll remember that I love Jungle Strike. I’ll pop it on, just to play the shit out of the first level. I’ll play that over and over, and get really annoyed on the second level as I have to drive the bloody hovercraft. I then get bored and put it down.

So I love the first level? It must be pretty damn good!

Tearing around Washington in my Comanche – a weird choice as it’s a reconnaissance chopper of which only two were ever made – I defended the capitol, and the President! I’ve always loved the winch mechanic; swinging the helicopter round and picking up more fuel or ammo always feels good.

I never get enough of strafing side to side, preferring runs across the fight. You can’t beat popping out from around a building and letting of a volley of Hellfires!

Perhaps I should go back and play Desert Strike; it’s limited levels and helicopter only play might suit me more. But this first level is so well designed, so cool, so…oddly not Jungly! What can I say, when you think something’s great you’ve just got to roll with it. I’ll still be playing this game in 20 years time, even if it’s only the first level.

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