Star Wars Rebels – S2E7 Wings of the Master

Heads up, I’m going to get a little spoilery in this review. So much of the detail is integral to my feelings on it that I can’t avoid it all that well.

FINALLY! A Hera episode. Wasn’t sure I was going to get an answer to my bleating but here we are.
Wings of the Master may not give in-depth answers on Hera’s past, but it’s a great episode.
First off, Rebels isn’t holding back on actually killing people. They may not be those we know, and it might not be shown in detail, but it’s there. There are consequences in these stories and that means a lot. It might be a ‘kids show’, but I’ve rarely found it panders to that audience to the detriment of bigger kids like myself.
There’s a big introduction in this episode in the shape of a new starfighter. I adore seeing new lore set up, so whilst it changes the background of the B-Wing in some regards, there are enough nods to both the old expanded universe and concept legend Ralph McQuarrie that it works very nicely. I do wonder where the X-Wing is now though. The A and B are clearly after it in the films but here they’re prototype versions are in use well before the Battle of Yavin. Ah well, I’m willing to let it go as both ships are shown off so well.
Hera is the main focus, as a top pilot who suffers setbacks but maintains her belief. When pressed on why she flies she gives a wonderfully poignant answers that hints at her backstory. We don’t get defining answers, but I didn’t when I read A New Dawn either and that didn’t harm Hera as a character. Now I just want to see even more of her!
There isn’t much time for anything that isn’t Hera and space battles (hardly a problem), but we still get some great dialogue from the other characters. At this point we’re really only left with Sabine who really needs some love.
Wings of the Master is a really enjoyable episode, especially for full on canon geeks. Don’t get caught up in what’s changed and you’re in for a treat.

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