Star Wars Rebels – S2E20 – The Mystery of Chopper Base

After some quality episodes we’re back down with a bump I’m afraid.

Whilst I understand why this episode took place and know that we needed a more reflective piece before everything kicks off, I’m left pretty underwhelmed by The Mystery of Chopper Base.

On the plus side the team have once again created some absolutely stunning shots, with beautifully lit vistas helping creating some touching scenes. Visually I think Rebels has really come into it’s own this series; the odd dull character or base can be forgiven when they’ve perfected the art of giving us Ralph McQuarrie concept art on the screen. I’m not sure what their budget is but they’re using it well.

Another positive is that the process Kanan and Ezra are working through together is giving us interesting new views on what the Jedi can do and how they train. Younglings had training lightsabers in Attack of the Clones, but it’s cool to see them used in a more adult setting with the lower intensity blades having a unique look and sound.

It’s just…the story this week didn’t work for me. I expect there to be problems and challenges facing the Rebels as they establish a new base. But ultimately this was really mundane. I wasn’t concerned for anyone and it wasn’t that exciting. These guys know how to do smaller stories. They did it last week!

There is some foreshadowing of things to come, though it didn’t really point to anything in particular. Why bust out certain music cues when what’s going on doesn’t match it? Perhaps I was just being silly and missing it.

Nope, I wasn’t being silly, I just wasn’t particularly interested by the end. Not even some sorely needed Kanan and Hera time made me feel better about it all.

Not much to say this week I’m afraid. At least we got to see Rex again? Also, cool A-Wing markings.

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