Star Wars Rebels – S2E15 – The Call

How frustrating. The trailer for the second half this season promised a hell of a lot. Four episodes in though and we’ve seen very little, if any, of what was shown.

Sure, it’s probably being saved for the last few episodes, but why is the show mucking around? The Call is a completely…fine…episode…I guess? It doesn’t move the overall story forward in any way, or build on anyone’s personal arc, so despite some nice ideas and visuals it doesn’t really do anything. Are the show runners just filling an episode order?

OK, the positives. Like last week, Rebels is endeavouring to give us different viewpoints on well established pieces of Star Wars lore. Whilst the Lasat gave us a new way of looking at and interacting with the force, this week we’re given a very natural view of hyperspace. We’ve ships go in and out many a time, and even seen ships pushed and pulled out. But before I get too spoilery, this is something else entirely, and I appreciate it.

Negatives? Well, we’d just as well not have enemies in this episode, as dull as they are. They leave no impression and don’t really do much bar shoot and talk generic ‘we’re bad guys’ rubbish. Surely they could have been made more interesting and not drastically changed the story that’s being told.

With very little coming from the antagonists, and the only revelation having no bearing on the main characters, I’m not sure what the point was. Am I being harsh? Perhaps I’d be happily oblivious if I was 10 years old. Disney know there are just as many adults watching as kids, if not more, but they also know we’ll keep watching regardless. So we’re a bit stuffed.

I’ve not seen a bad episode of Rebels, but I guess you just have to take the chaff with the wheat.

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