Star Wars Rebels – S2E18 -Shroud of Darkness

I try not to watch previews or read other reviews of Rebels until after I’ve watched it in a sometimes vain attempt to give you an original opinion. It seems that this week I couldn’t avoid it!

Don’t worry though, I didn’t agree. Whilst parts of the internet lose their shit over seeing several faces from the across the saga, I was left underwhelmed by Shroud of Darkness. There’s not much I can say without giving away some spoilers, such is the content of the episode, so I’ll try my best but beware!

I love seeing these characters interact with others from the films. Not that Rebels needs it, but it does give it all a sense of legitimacy. You could argue that in an entire galaxy not everyone needs to know each other, but it makes sense here. Maybe I didn’t see enough of The Clone Wars to see this side of Anakin, but the one we see here isn’t how I remember him. He seems calm and respectful, sharing his skill rather than showing off or otherwise being brash. Yoda on the other hand is exactly how I’d expect him to be, despite his look being far like the original puppet and not like more recent takes on him. It jarred at first, but quickly settled. He makes several admissions to Ezra that I’d never thought of, but made absolute sense once I heard them. Very interesting.

I did ask where the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister were last week, and that has been answered. I guess we can’t have every week be full of lightsabers. To be fair we’ve had some good stuff so I can’t complain. Inquisitor ships still look cool with their folding wings; I feel that needs pointing out.

There’s a lot to like about Shroud of Darkness, but it didn’t come together as well as I’d hoped.

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