Star Wars Rebels – S4E1/2 – Heroes of Mandalore

Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2

Rebels S4E1

Note – Despite being spoiler-free for this episode, it’s assumed that you’re up to date with Rebels. So from time to time I might mention previous events. Fair warning! Onward!

Star Wars Rebels returns for its fourth and final season, which has left me feeling unexpectedly happy. I thought I’d be sad that it’s coming to a close; instead I’ve realised that what I really want is closure. I’m not unhappy with the show, nor am I feeling any Star Wars fatigue. I just can’t see how these characters will fit in once we get into the Original Trilogy. The Ghost, Chopper and a Syndulla mention appear in Rogue One, but we’ve still got two Jedi, a Lasat, and a Mandalorian running around. None of them are small deals and can’t just be brushed aside. 

The previous season went some way to fleshing out some characters. I’d like more of that before we wrap things up neatly. 

I won’t hold my breath just yet on things wrapping up neatly, but Season 4’s two part opener- ‘Heroes of Mandalore‘ – gets things off on the right foot as it further focuses on Sabine and Mandalore. I’ll admit I was expecting something that involved the entire crew of the Ghost, but the way this story builds on Sabine’s character and moves things on is very pleasing. I can finally lay my issues with Sabine’s development to rest. It might be more fulfilling if I’d watched The Clone Wars and knew more Mandalorian history, but there’s enough explanation to be getting on with.

There are stumbles. Ezra’s bumbling took me out of the darker moments. I understand it’s still a kid’s show to some degree but I found the juxtaposition jarring. I can get past that. What I’m struggling with more is the show’s bottle. They may have finally ended one character’s journey last season, but Rebels has generally shied away from offing main characters. That continues here, in a fake-out that spoilt things a little for me. It also didn’t feel big enough. For what occurs I expected a bit more to be honest. Budget? I don’t know. I just hope these don’t become recurring themes.

Plenty of action, lots of jetpacks, and a story that I’ll wager pleased a hell of a lot of Clone Wars fans. Heroes of Mandalore pleased me too, despite some issues. Rebels is back, and it’s started well.

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