Star Wars Rebels – S1E4 – Fighter Flight

Harsher viewers would pop the third episode of Rebels, Fighter Flight, into the ‘filler’ category. It doesn’t move the overall story on at all, but it was enjoyable with some cool set pieces. Making use of the classic ‘pair up the two squabbling characters and watch them bond’ trope, Ezra and Zeb are packed off the Ghost on a supply run when their arguing manages to hack off everything on-board.

You know how that part of the episode will work out already, with Ezra and Zeb coming to understand each other and appreciate their very different strengths.

How they get there is the interesting part, and here you’ll be entertained. We’ve got shoot outs, force abilites, and most importantly some TIE Fighter action! I love how standard pieces of the original trilogy are being fleshed out and given more time to shine. With the TIE in particular we get a good look inside and see it move in ways we never have before. For the sharp eyed out there another Imperial vehicle used in this episode, whilst not in the original films, will please you.

Better yet is the use of sound. The sound effects are fantastic, with the sound of the TIE Fighter being a highlight for me. The soundtrack really takes the spotlight in this episode though, touching on many familiar elements from the films whilst perfectly fitting what’s going on. It makes for some very cool call outs to familiar famous scenes.

If you’re expecting anything huge to change this episode you’ll be disappointed. But a series can’t be made up like that, and you need breathers to take stock and look at the characters. So whilst this may not be an important episode overall, it does more than enough to be worthwhile.

Anyway, if seeing a TIE Fighter up close doing its thing doesn’t excite you….what are you doing watching Star Wars?

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