Star Wars Rebels – S2E5 – Always Two There Are

Rather fittingly for the time of year, Always Two There Are is a very creepy and atmospheric episode. Getting caught in the crossfire between Kanan and Rex (I knew there’d be conflict!), Ezra invites himself onto a routine supply mission with Chopper, Zeb and Zabine. Of course, it’s anything but routine.

Before we get into the meat of things though…Dejarik! Great to see a game of Holochess being played. ‘Big Guy’ Zeb and ‘Old Guy’ Rex are still building a bond. I heartily approve of all of this.

An abandoned Republic station provides the backdrop to the story, it’s long winding corridors, general state of disrepair and near total darkness creates a feeling of dread. Like a good horror film you spend the first half of the episode looking around the characters to catch anything that could jump out. A ‘look out it’s behind you!’ type of thing.

Back in the season opener Vader was ordered to dispatch another Inquisitor. So I wonder when we’ll find out why there are two. At least they’re interesting, with very different approaches, squabbles, and some information about the Inquisitor of the first series. Sarah Michelle Gellar provides the voice of the Seventh Sister; being the wife of Kanan’s voice actor Freddie Prinze Jnr is a nice link. How lucky are their kids?!?! Anyway, she fits the bill well, her small compliments of Ezra alongside her threats making for a different type of enemy. Despite not seeing eye to eye they should provide ample challenge to the rebels for the foreseeable future.

In the original trilogy there was a clear distinction between the military ranks of the Empire and practitioners of the force. A distrust perhaps, plus the Imperials belief that they don’t need assistance from a mystical religion. That is present and correct here as Kallus and others question the need for Inquisitors. Maybe if they covered themselves in more glory they wouldn’t be needed! I’d like to see more of this though. As cool as it is to see the rebels grow, I’d like to learn more about The Empire and how it works.

This is by far the best episode of Season 2 yet. It may sideline the majority of the cast, but it uses the few it chooses well. A Star Wars story that ends on a downer is usually a good one, and Always Two There Are doesn’t disappoint.

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