Sharknado 2: The Second One Review

If someone tried to cook you dinner and despite their best efforts completely botched it you wouldn’t be too annoyed with them would you? There might even be parts you could pick out and enjoy. After all it’s not like they made it taste like crap on purpose is it?But what if it was crap on purpose? Would you be happy with it? Or would you be unimpressed?So I’m sat down last night channel hopping. Sharknado 2 is on. I think back to the first film and the fact I didn’t enjoy it (I’ll admit that). There’s nothing else on and I’m in a good mood. Knowing they’ll try to up the ante could lead to a ‘so bad it’s good’ situation and put this film in a similar category to Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. Maybe it will have something similarly ludicrous to the ‘science’ of that of film, which amounted to mixing liquids until they turned the right colour! Awful, but it stuck with me and amuses me.

No. When you blow your load in the first ten minutes and can only continue by ripping off other films and actually making a joke about jumping the shark, then you’re not doing well. Tara Reid must have been scared that someone might be worse than her performance in the first because she is truly terrible. That is the only explanation! The less said about the various cameos the better. They don’t even make sense and are merely known (or not in some cases) names thrown in.

Trying to make a film and failing is OK. Trying to make a cheesy B-movie is OK. I love a great zombie film or horror film and they generally don’t get nominated for Oscars.

But purposely making a film terrible? And that film being boring?! I can’t forgive that. Sharknado 2 was made purely to ride the coat tails of the first terrible film. A dull, badly made cash grab that doesn’t even use it’s awfulness to entertain.

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