The Bourne Legacy Review

The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy is an odd film. As I recall scenes, the film seems decent enough. Renner is suitably focused and athletic as a drug enhanced operative on the run, and there are plenty of pensive looks and spy-talk; the series’ hallmark. The premise of there being other programs like Treadstone, creating various types of improved operatives makes sense.

Aaron Cross knows everything, questions a lot of it, and only kicks into action when his life is threatened. If anything, Bourne’s Legacy, film wise at least, is to risk the lives of a lot of people when his revelations threaten every other program.

So it all seems well thought out enough. The franchise wanted to continue, there are other operatives, and you can keep Bourne on the radar without ever having to see him. Teasing at future team up? Maybe, but Legacy doesn’t really do much. When thought about as a whole, the film just happens.

It doesn’t leave much of an impression, which is a shame as the entire Cross story seems to have been dropped in the years since, and we’ve had another Bourne film, which went well

Clearly made as something that was to be continued, it ends without all that much catharsis. It could still work relatively well in a vacuum, but that rather misses the point I think.

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