Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

I really enjoyed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Having learnt a lot over the past few years about expectations, I set my bar at ‘be entertained by Dinosaurs and Chris Pratt’. That expectation was easily met as I laughed, nearly cried, and had a great time.

43 words. I could end the review there!

I’ll admit that this review has been kicking my backside for two weeks. I’ve pondered the pluses and minuses of the film, and still firmly believe it’s a fun summer blockbuster, but I’m not blind to its issues. That’s where setting my expectations has helped.

I’m choosing to look at the film positively as it exceeded the expectations I’d set for it. And honestly, I can’t be bothered to get all negative about it. There is a twist that isn’t that surprising, and the added backstory regarding John Hammond’s partner is tacked on. More would be spoilery, but they didn’t take me out of the experience.

There’s one thing I will talk about though.

Originally in the series, the dinos were just that. They were creatures that interacted with the humans in ways true to their nature. Whether or not that made them bad guys like the Raptors, or heroes like Rexy, didn’t matter. With the new films, there’s a struggle between them being creatures and being characters. Rexy is a fan favourite, her scarred appearance and ninja abilities singling her out among the other dinosaurs as one with a particular character. I got extremely excited when she appeared in Jurassic World, but the more I see of her, and now Blue, I wonder if making them fully fledged additions to the cast makes them better or worse? If we know them do they lose their wonder?

On the plus side, there are noticeably more animatronics this time around, and that is always the best way to go. Finally got to see a few favourites of mine on the big screen too. Allosaurus!

The stunning opening sequence needs mentioning. It’s foreboding, tense, and definitely takes the stance of ‘creature’, which I found really exciting. There was menace about the dinosaurs, and the lighting in particular was extremely well used. Can’t wait to see that again on home release.

I hoped to be entertained heading into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s exciting, stunning, and tries to be thought provoking. Some of the ideas it puts forward are interesting, whilst others seemed thrown in and aren’t given the time they need. Ultimately though, the good far outweighed the bad.

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