Incredibles 2 Review

Incredibles 2

Toy Story always deserved sequels. Monsters Inc didn’t need one and it showed. Finding Dory could never really hit the height of Nemo, but still impressed. Cars 2 was good, whilst 3 was spluttered after a promising teaser.

So Pixar is rather patchy when it comes to following up on their work. Granted, even their worst is better than most, but it gives you pause for thought. Can they revisit the Parr family fourteen years later and give us the sequel one of their best deserves?

I’m happy to say they can! It’s hardly a cryptic story as you’ll see things coming from a mile away, but it zips along pleasingly and touches on a variety of subjects with the deft touch we’ve come to expect from the studio that gave us WALL-E and Up.

Picking up immediately after the first film, Incredibles 2 (where has the ‘The’ gone?) deals with the consequences of ‘supers’ making their presence known again. Much like the first film, the main interest stems from the family and how they each respond to their situation. From Bob’s consternation at being left at home, to Dash’s “It defines who I am”, they all react in relatable ways. All sounds pretty similar so far doesn’t it?

Enter Jack-Jack.

The timing is perfect, as I now have my own little one about the same age. My wife and I howled throughout every scene that included him, as we related HARD to the challenges a baby offers. Strip away the powers and it’s still clear that a lot of time an attention has been given to how the Parr’s youngest member behaves.

Would I like a third film with a time-jump? I think I would! On this basis it’s clear Brad Bird still has plenty of ideas for the family and the world they inhabit.

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