Cars 3 Review

There seems to be a lot of hate for the Cars series.

The first was a decent enough film with enough Ka-Chow to entertain all ages. The story wasn’t the deepest Pixar have created, and the world the characters inhabit raises a lot of questions (post-apocalyptic human/car hybrids anyone?), but it was good fun.

Seeking to build out further, the sequel was in my eyes pretty brave. It switched things around, pretty much abandoning racing and went into spy territory. Yes, I owned a FIAT Panda and they’re in the film, but I enjoyed the spy aspect and overall prefer it.

So far so good. What of the third entry?

It’s the only one I’m disappointed by.

The first trailer focused on a horrific looking slow motion crash; Lightning MacQueen careening through the air, out of control and looking like he’s about to come into a world of pain. That you can’t see the the eyes–the only thing that would take the edge of by making it look ‘cartoony’– says it all. It set a tone and left me to wonder if Pixar had made another bold decision. Were Pixar going to go there? Would they go dark enough to cripple the hero, making him a sort of post-Bane Batman? The Planes films got close to this, but pulled up late on. Could the originator of the ‘vehicles with oddly placed eyes’ go where it’s offspring couldn’t?

There are so many car cliches I could bust out right now.

Nope. Cars 3 completely bottles it.

Say what you want about the second film, but at least it tries something. Cars 3 settles for a distinctly average story line focusing on Lightning being usurped by more advanced cars. It’s not done badly, but I wanted more. The aforementioned crash has plenty of impact at first, but is quickly undermined. I like MacQueen/Wilson, and I wanted to see them really deal with something. Sure, lessons are learned and there’s a new status quo at the end.

There are so many car cliches I could bust out right now.

Doesn’t get out of first gear.

The story stalls.

So safe it could be a Volvo.

Oh, I did it. There you go.

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