Super Duper Game – Mass Effect 2


I didn’t play the first Mass Effect. Much like the original Assassin’s Creed it passed me by, only for it’s sequel to leave a huge impression on me. An amazing game with a strong story and brilliant character interactions, I mainly remember it for one thing, which is also one of my biggest regrets in gaming.

I lost Garrus.

From the moment he met my Christian Bale based Shepard I knew they’d be best buddies. He spoke frankly and was cool as hell. So when it came time to go on the final mission, I did my best to avoid putting him a dangerous situation. I wanted my Bro to make it through. In fact all I did was put him in harm’s way.

When it happened I was stunned. How could the game do this to me? I put the controller down and stared at the pause screen for a minute or so. But Garrus would want me to finish what we started. So not only did I finish ME2, but I resisted the urge to get my friend back and continued ME3 from that save game.

I can’t go back now. Replaying the game and saving him would feel cheap. It’s a shame though, as ME2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

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