Jane Eyre Review

Jane Eyre

I was persuaded to rent this by my other half. She loves the book so I eventually relented. If only I had sooner. Jane Eyre is a powerful story exploring many ideas including love, proto feminism, class divides and religion.

Mia Wasikowksa is striking as Jane, a young girl who throughout a tough upbringing has always stuck to her principals. I found myself really rooting for her throughout the story. I wasn’t all that keen on Alice in Wonderland, but she is mightily impressive here.

Fassbender delivers another great performance as Rochester, the Byronic hero of the piece. After fantastic performances in X-Men: First Class and Prometheus (I sadly admit I haven’t seen him in anything else, apart from 300) he is proving to be very consistent and from now on I’ll be looking out for films of his.

They are backed up extremely well by Judi Dench and Jamie Bell. Not once did I think I was watching ‘M’, which is the general affliction I have. Bell was impressive in his smaller role, leading me to consider if his relatively lacklustre career post Billy Elliot is more to do with script choices than his acting ability.

My inexperience with the style of speech led to me quickly translating in my head constantly, much to amusement of my Fiancée who laughed once or twice as she noticed the cogs turning!

I never would have thought a drama based on book written in 1847 would be up my street. But this most definitely is!

Also, I could never give a bad rating to a film where Fassbender rocks the hell out of a straw hat and pipe.

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