Halloween: H20 Review

Halloween: H20

I realised something on my most recent watch of this sequel; it isn’t about Michael. Halloween: H20 is all about Laurie Strode, how she’s been struggling with her past trauma, and how she ultimately finds the courage to finish the job.

It’s brief run time focuses on Laurie, leaving very little time for slashing. Cerebral would be pushing it, but much like the original it’s not about the gore. Curtis does well to show just how damaged Laurie has become, and thankfully the kids aren’t too annoying.

Since the last time I watched this film I’ve become far more educated on the various Myer’s masks, and how drastically they change from not just film to film, but also sometimes in each film. H20 uses four masks! And none of them get it right. How people whose job it is to make masks can’t copy something is baffling and off-putting.

I’m not keen on how he moves either. As I become more accustomed to these films and build a clearer picture of what he is (to me at least), there’s a cadence to his moves and how he responds to things that just seems off here.

So Michael isn’t quite right, but Strode is dealt with well, second only to the 2018 version. There are some decent callbacks to the original, and it’s focused run time is welcome. Sadly the finale is completely undermined by the travesty that is Resurrection.

It may have been thoroughly surpassed by the sequel that came another 20 years later, but I can’t bring myself to say this is a bad film. Unless we talk about Hartnett’s haircut, which is just awful.

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