Comic Review – Gods and Guns #1

Gods and Guns made me think. I read comics every week, but I rarely sit back after an issue is finished and think ‘that’s given me a different perspective on things’.

I find myself wondering how much of this issue is true and how much of it is elaboration added after fact. The different sides in conflict will have very different views on their enemy, despite both sides more than likely fighting for what they perceive to be the right reasons. Is there a massive, impressively drawn dragon? Is our main character a one man war machine? Or was it a tank against a group of men with an RPG?

Stories are passed along, and like the game of Chinese Whispers, things are changed. The focus shifts and details are lost or embellished. Perhaps that’s the cleverest thing about this issue. The marriage of pencil and art made me question that happened.

With so much paranoia and media in real life, it made me think to how we view those who threaten our way of life. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it made me see their point of view, but I wonder how the normal people on their side see us.

On first read I thought that Houvouras’s script was a bit on the nose, but having read it again since it fits well with how I’ve taken the story so far. It’s a tale that could fit any time frame and the grandiose nature of the words matches it. Tirtakusuma may be a bit heavy on the hatching for my tastes but the motion and detail in each panel is commendable.

With the final page revelation leaving me stroking my beardless chin in interest, Gods and Guns #1 is an intriguing beginning. Personal yet wide ranging, I wonder how it will follow this up. Hopefully it will continue to make us question what is just in war and how much of what we are fed is the truth.

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