Ghostbusters 2016 Review

Ghostbusters 2016

You’d think that with the mass hysteria surrounding it the Ghostbusters reboot is the second coming of Gozer. Is Ghostbusters 2016 worth so much fuss?

Let’s start with a well-practiced rant.

No one is coming into your house and taking away your copy of the original. Nor are they ‘raping your childhood’. The internet is prone to hyperbole and this film appears to have brought out the worst of it. Reboots generally aren’t aimed at the generation that originally loved the franchise. One of the coolest things about this is how many new fans it will create, let alone giving girls some clever and brave heroes to look up to.

If you don’t like the idea of a reboot don’t watch it. The best thing you can do is vote with your wallet. Stay at home, shut up and watch the originals.

You can’t have an opinion on something you haven’t watched so let the whole thing pass. Speaking of which… here’s my opinion!

The trailers for Ghostbusters 2016 didn’t fill me with confidence. Possible racial stereotypes and flat jokes worried me. I feared that Paul Feig’s latest would be a lot more Bridesmaids than Spy.

Fortunately those trailers were not a fair representation, so if you’re willing to open your mind to new possibilities this is an enjoyable and at times very funny film.

The single biggest issue Ghostbusters faces is that its characters are far better than the story they inhabit. The busters themselves have a great chemistry, with Kate McKinnon stealing the show. Then there’s Chris Hemsworth. The film makes a very big deal out of how handsome he is, which is fair. But he’s also got great comic sensibilities and does a fantastic job. This focus on character is let down by the villain, who barely registers. He serves his purpose though, which is to galvanise the others.

The equipment doesn’t just magically appear, going through a nice evolution as the film progresses. It culminates in weapons I thought initially looked terrible actually leading to some great action. The evolution of special effects has allowed for some really cool stuff.

I’ve an inkling there are some pretty big holes in the plot. Perhaps I’ll notice them in the future but as I was watching I just rolled with the entertainment.

What I do know is that dogs and cats are not going to be living together any time soon. There is no need for mass hysteria! Having seen the film twice now, I’m happy with this new set of busters. Give it a go, you might be too.

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