Deadpool Review

Green Lantern. Blade Trinity. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Forget them all. Ryan Reynolds finally has a comic book movie to be proud of. He’s pushed for this film for a long time, and I’m chuffed to bits that not only has it been made, but does everyone involved justice.

On the surface it’s easy to see why people like Deadpool. The profanity, violence and fourth wall breaking are all very entertaining. But to hang a movie entirely on those things would be a mistake. Fortunately it’s a mistake that’s avoided as the story, despite being pretty thin when you think about it, gives Wade Wilson as much time screen time as Deadpool. I’m not sure there’s a clear enough break between the two, but ultimately he isn’t a bad guy, despite what he does. Wade/Deadpool just lacks a strong moral compass. This is understood throughout the film, so despite it containing all the things we superficially expect it gives us some heart too.

Does Reynolds beat out Downey Jnr. as the most perfectly cast comic book character? I think he does. That’s all I need to say there.

Sight gags, meta jokes, and pop culture references litter the script; there are so many jokes that they don’t all land, but you move on so quickly it doesn’t matter. Just keep your eyes and ears open as some will be easily missed otherwise.

I’ve heard complaints about the villains, which quite frankly is rubbish. What are these people expecting?! They do exactly what they need to! We need bad guys of course, but with Deadpool never shutting up, and the whole thing knowingly treading the edges of the X-Men universe, they aren’t what we’re here for.

I could just tell you to watch the trailer really, as it really encapsulates the movie’s tone. If you didn’t like Deadpool before, this isn’t going to do anything to change that, but the film knows that and quite rightly doesn’t give a shit. The superhero/comic book genre is a crowded place, and this makes for a good change.

Deadpool isn’t just what we wanted. I think it’s what we needed too.

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