Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Review

At this point in the MCU our heroes have all had their origin stories and are well established. I feel for Captain Marvel; saddled with the enormous responsibility of being the one we think will […]

Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja Review

Batman Ninja. It’s a pretty snazzy title isn’t it? Conjures up all sorts of images that get the juices flowing. If you watch Batman Ninja you’ll quickly discover that they thought of the title, and […]


Life Review

I’m not sure why Life got a hard time. Sure, it brings nothing new story-wise to the genre, but it’s executed well enough to make it a decent watch. The impression left by social media […]


Polar Review

If it weren’t for Mads Mikkelson’s stoic coolness, Polar would be unwatchable. It’s a mess, but he has so much presence that you want to see what he does. From assassin’s that feel the need […]


Evolution Review

My wife was astounded that I hadn’t seen Evolution properly. So on it went! Released in 2001, what struck me most was how much things have changed since then, and I don’t mean in terms […]


Upgrade Review

With a symbiotic relationship at the core, and a lead actor who looks a hell of a lot like Tom Hardy, Upgrade is superficially very similar to Venom. Break it down though and it’s a […]

John Rambo

Rambo: First Blood Review

Just the name itself, Rambo, has become synonymous with staggering levels of violence and machismo. There’s nothing wrong with that. But First Blood is a very different beast. It’s about one man for sure, but […]


Bumblebee Review

The Bay Transformers films suck. They suck hard, like, would form a seal around something hard, or pull you through a small opening hard. Managing to be worse each time, the nadir for me was […]