Dredd Review

Despite a huge swell of support on it’s home release, and several rumours over the years, Dredd never got the sequel it deserved. Maybe it didn’t stack up business wise, but fuck the industry for […]

In Bruges

In Bruges Review

A pair of hitmen hole up ‘In Bruges’, Belgium, and wait for a call. I think we can all agree that it’s hardly a mind-blowing premise. Yet, In Bruges manages to hit the whole gamut […]

Hollow Man

Hollow Man Review

Did you know that Hollow Man was directed by Paul Verhoeven? This new information, discovered via Wikipedia during an ad break, has definitely changed how I view it so it seemed reasonable to finally review […]

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen Review

Olympus Has Fallen was a decent action film, with Butler on good form in very patriotic take on Die Hard. London Has Fallen is a horrifically racist and Islamophobic film that has no place being […]

They Live

They Live Review

Despite it’s cult status, I knew very little of They Live as I settled down to watch it. Having seen a few John Carpenter films, I figured I’d at least get an interesting soundtrack, and […]

Paddington 2

Paddington 2 Review

The first Paddington was a warm hug of a film. Such a lovely thing! It’s sequel – the cunningly titled Paddington 2 – was released around the time I was busy becoming a Father, so […]

Batman vs TMNT

Batman vs TMNT Review

Forget the ‘vs’ in the title. Batman vs TMNT is a marvelously fun tale that showcases the best of both sets of characters. I beamed throughout as not just the heroes, but also the villains, […]