Batman/TMNT #2 Review

Last month I suggested we’d find out the true measure of this series with it’s second issue. Well, if issue two is anything to go by the series as a whole is going to be great fun.

Once again the creative team show a real understanding of both sets of characters. The story focuses on the turtles and Batman trying to figure each other out, which leads to some fun conversations. Batman’s investigation is more serious as you’d expect, but the turtles, bar Raph, are almost in awe of The Dark Knight. Mikey is especially funny here, going as far as making a comparison table to figure out if he’s awesome or not. Even if they figure out he’s a bad guy Mikey still thinks he’s got it going on. Mikey and I are very much on the same wavelength.

Before all that though, the cliché of ‘before they team up they need to fight’ has to be completed. You could roll your eyes that this happens, or you could enjoy the fact it’s handled well. I choose to enjoy. What good would making such a comic book be if you couldn’t see Raphael taking on the Batman? It’s enjoyable to see where their various skill levels sit, despite it panning out pretty much as you’d expect. Leonardo isn’t fooled though, he figures that Batman isn’t fighting them to kill them.

I’m now fully on board with the artwork. Last time I was a bit thrown by Batman’s bulk and the glossiness of the colours. No longer. Every character has the right detailing and facial expressions, as well as looking cohesive. They may be from different dimensions but they all look as though they’re in the same world. Kudos to Freddie E Williams II.

Story wise James Tynion is nicely maintaining the juggling two impressive casts. I’d say it leans slightly more towards the turtles so far, but as they’re the ones in the strange world that seems fair. There’s not much to say really about the dialogue (ba dum tish). Everyone sounds as you would expect you to! Pretty high praise I’d say.

Batman/TMNT moves the story along a touch, gives us a nice fight, and plenty of smile-inducing panels. Well worth picking up.

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