A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place immediately impressed me with it’s lack of sound and how it quickly sets up a tense atmosphere. I knew nothing of the film going in, but I was hopeful.

For the first thirty minutes I was getting by alright, picking up the gist of the sign language conversations the family were sharing. But something was gnawing at me. A quick message to my brother confirmed that I was watching this film how the production team originally considered presenting it – without subtitles. A unique viewing experience!

Afterwards I consulted Wikipedia to confirm I had picked up most of it correctly; only one conversation in the film gave me trouble but it didn’t harm the overall experience.

To think this is Krasinski’s third film and he’s at this level already is staggering. This isn’t a long film, but everything is set up so well and so thoughtfully that you’d think something with more experience must have managed it.

My feelings on this film are greatly bolstered by two things; the sign language and how far you’re prepared to go to protect your children. My wife and I have been learning sign language alongside our daughter for 8 months now, and it’s been a great tool. With these things in mind, A Quiet Place got me good.

Concise, taut, and well acted, A Quiet Place is a great film. Cracking beard on Krasinski too.

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