700th Post

Gonna throw some stats in your general direction!

  • 700 posts
  • 3 domains
  • 6 and a half years
  • 400ish films reviewed
  • 150 odd comics reviewed
  • 75 TV show reviews
  • 30 Batman related posts
  • 123 TMNT related posts

Some of those are surprising, whilst some really aren’t. I expected there to be more about Batman if I’m honest! Regardless, SDS keeps going and has hit 700 posts. 

You’re here and you’re reading this, so thank you. It never gets old when someone likes or RTs or otherwise gets involved. SDS doesn’t get a lot of views, but I know there’s a hardcore few of you who read most of it, and I love you for it. If you’re not so hardcore, I love you too. Ta.

There’s nothing huge to say here; no big announcements or changes. I’m glad I made the call to end arbitrary word counts. Now I just say everything I have to say and that’s it, which has been rather freeing. I like how the site works at the moment – it looks clean, and though sometimes I wish it were a bit warmer, it does fit my aesthetic nicely. I’m not ashamed to show it to people like I may have been in the past.

Overall I think SDS has settled into a nice spot. I don’t feel any pressure to post, though that still happens fairly regularly, and I’m pleased with my writing at the moment.

Hopefully you’re still enjoying reading too.

See you at 800!

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